Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my data I entered during my 30 day trial when I purchase the full version?

No. All data entered during the trial will still be there when you purchase the full version. In fact, the only difference you will notice is that the pesky 30 day trial message disappears.

Will I lose my data when I update Runner's Studio to a new version?

No. We make every effort to make upgrades go as seamless as possible for you. Sometimes an upgrade might cause changes to the structure of your data but we will take care of that for you. As always, it's best practice to backup your data prior to any uprade!

Are upgrades free?

Generally yes. All upgrades within the same major version (for example, 2.0, 2.1, etc) will be free. Major version upgrades (3.0, 4.0, etc) will be at the discretion of Runner's Studio.

How do I import my GPS data?

We have written a tutorial on how to do this. Check it out in our support section on importing data!

Can I import data from Pegasus's RunLog?

We wrote another tutorial for this... go check it out in our tutorial on how to Import Data from Pegasus RunLog!