Runner's Studio V3 Features

Stop surfing. Start logging. Get Faster.

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned runner, this easy-to-use, customizable software is built to help you achieve your fitness goals. Here's just a glimpse of some of Runner's Studio's amazing features.

Home Dashboard


Starting the app you will be directed to your home dashboard. This screen is comprised of a series of "tiles". The tile is an engaging concept that will let you see your data in a whole new way.

The tile not only serves as a navigation mechanism, but it allows you to quickly scan all aspects of your data (personal bests, equipment usage, trends, etc.) in one quick glance!

From there, you can quickly drill down to the underlying details with one click.

Activity Details


This screen allows you to enter and/or view the details of your workout.

  • Summary Information - Date, activity type, temperature, weather conditions, distance, time, and mood.
  • Splits - Detailed split information containing lap number, distance, overall time, split time, pace, pace change, accumulated pace, and elevation change for each split.
  • Stats - Stat summary for activity including pace, speed, calories, elevation ascent and descent, and time spent in each heart rate zone (if data present).
  • Equipment - Add your gear you used for the activity and quickly view the gears accumulated distance.
  • Charts / Maps - Charts for your laps, pace, altitude, and heart rate for the activity. Integrated Open Streets maps highlight your route as well.
  • Custom Fields - We miss one of your data elements? No worries, you can create your own!
  • Journal - Enter notes on your activity. These notes will automatically appear and be searchable in your personal journal.

Equipment Manager


Manage all your workout gear in one place. Color indicators help you see when gear is reaching its estimated life.

Quickly view accumulated distance on your gear as well as other comments/notes you have made.

Attach images (from the web or your computer) to your equipment to personalize your data even more.

Manage Courses


View all your training courses and distance ran on each course.

Select a course and detailed stats (broken down by activity) for the course.

Attach images (from the web or your computer) to your course to personalize your data even more.

Race Personal Bests


Runner's Studio separates your races from your training activities so you can keep track of your racing personal bests.

View your racing personal bests by either type of race (marathon, 5k, etc) or distance within a race type (road race 5 miles, road race 4 miles, etc).

Activity Calendar


Customizable calendar allows you to view your activities by month or week.

Displays past training activities, races, and planned workouts.

Compare your planned workouts with actual results.

The workout manager allows you to create common workouts and remembers them for quick entry later.

Create single day or recurring workouts.

Running Journal


Set font, font size, and font color for your journal entries. Add bold, italics, and underline as well.

Hyperlinks are instantly recognized and can be clicked on to open up web sites.

"Sign" your journal entry with the click of a button using the stamp feature.

Search functionality allows you to easily sift through all your journal entries for selected keywords.

Dont know what to write about? Runner's Studio comes with a full set of customizable Journal Ideas. Simply click on any idea and a journal heading of that topic will be added./p>



Features easy-to-use graphical charting utilities to help you visualize your workout progress over time or for a particular activity.

Filter all charts and graphs by Course, date range, activity, and/or activity category.

Configure charts to plot data for a specific date range or total your data by weeks, months, or by year.

Chart total number of logged activities by category or distance accumulated per activity category.

Charts offer zoom ability, point selection which highlights point values, and ability to toggle between area, line, and bar charts.

Running Statistics


Runner's Studio enables you to monitor your progress over time. A variety of statistics tallied from your activity log are always one click away.

Summary statistics are always visible in the app footer so they are always there to motivate you.

Quickly view trends by reviewing your running stats by year, month, and/or week.

Customize your statistics view by filtering your data by course, activity type, or activity category.

Running Goals


Create running goals and have the automatically tracked for you. Available goals are:

  • Run More Often - Run 5 times in 2 weeks
  • Run Faster - Run 5 times at a pace of 8:30 in 2 weeks
  • Run Longer - Run 7 times over 45:00 in 2 weeks
  • Run a Distance - Run 100 miles in 4 weeks
  • Lose Weight - Lose 10 pounds
  • Personal Goal - Free from goal area to allow you to create any personal goal you may have.

Mega Goal


Select a global route and simulate a run through one of 11 pre-defined routes.

Put your total distance run into perspective. Actually see what its like to have run 1000 miles as you progress through one of the mega goal routes.