Adding Your First Training Activity

Adding Your First Workout Activity

Without data, your activity dashboard is… well… boring. Let’s add some data. You can enter data manually or imaddiconport a GPS file. Let’s do it manually. Look in the upper left hand corner of the Runner’s Studio application (next to the logo) and you will see a small plus sign (circle M). Move your cursor here and hover it over the plus icon and a button will automatically appear. Click this button and a new menu of items you can create will appear. Click the “Training Activity” button.

You will be directed to the course selection screen. In Runner’s Studio, every training activity must be associated with a course (AKA training route). Since there are no courses created yet, click the “Create New Course” button and create a new course (circle N). The only required field to continue is a course name. Name your course something descriptive that has meaning to you such as “Neighborhood Run” or “Sandy Springs Greenway” or “Cades Cove Loop”. It’s recommended to add a picture to your course. You can do it now or later just as easy. After you enter your course information, click Next.Create Course

The next screen is the Activity Details/Entry screen (circle O). All data on this screen is optional… simply enter the information that you know or is relevant to you. When you created the course and you specified a default activity and distance, you will notice these are filled in for you. At the bottom left of the screen there is place to enter individual lap information if desired. Note, if you enter in split information, the distance and time inputs will become disabled. That is becaues these values are now being tallied from the split information. See! … Runner’s Studio does all the work for you!

Activity Details

After you have your basic run information entered, select the tab called “Hr / Weight / Equipment”. Unless this was a barefoot run, let’s create a shoe and attach it to this run. Since we dont have any shoes to add (we haven’t created them yet), select the “Create New Equipment” button (circle P). This will direct you to the equipment details page where you can create a shoe. Don’t worry, we saved your work for you!


Create a New Shoe / Equipment

Here you can create a piece of equipment (e.g. shoe, GPS watch, etc) that can be attached to your workout activities and races (circle Q). First, name the piece of equipment. If it’s a shoe, for example, be descriptive and name it the full brand and model name (e.g., Nike Vomero +7). Next select the type of equipment. This will be used to associate a graphic with the equipment if you do not specifically set one. Since Runner’s Studio can track the distance accumulated on a piece of gear, you may need to apply any existing distance that Runner’s Studio doesn’t know about. The “Existing Distance” field is just for this.


By default, new equipment will be pinned to your activity dashboard via a cool tile. Uncheck this option if you don’t want this equipment to show up on your dashboard. While you are here, go ahead and associate an image with the piece of equipment. If you have an image on your computer, you can select the “import image” button. More likely, however, you will want to attch an image from the web. There’s a number of ways to get the URL for an image but here is Web101. Open a browser and navigate to “”. Type in the name of your equipment (example: Nike Vomero +6) and search. Find your gear and click on the image. Next click “View Original Image”. Copy the URL in the browser – this will be the URL of the picture. Finally, go back to Runner’s Studio and select the “import web image” button. Type in (or paste) the URL that you just got. That’s it… you have your picture!

Runner’s Studio can monitor distance that accumulates on your gear. If you would Runner’s Studio to do this for you (and warn you visually when you are approaching its expected life) select the Monitor Usage button and adjust the expected life as necessary. Finally, once you are through using a piece of gear, you can come back here and set its status to “Retired”. Finally, hit the “Save” button in the upper right. If you are following this tutorial, you will directed back to you activity entry screen.

Attaching Equipment to Activities

On the activity (or race) details screen, select the “Add Equipment to Activity” button. This will show open a new window and show you all your equipment you have entered (circle R). Simply select all the equipment you wish to associated to the activity. A check mark will appear by each equipment item that will be Select Equipmentattached. Once you have selected the appropriate equipment, simply press OK.

You will notice that all the equipment items you selected are now attached to your activity (circle S). Be sure to hit the “Save” button to save the activity with the newly attached equipment!


To remove an equipment from an activity, follow the steps above. However, when the “Select Equipment” window opens, UNCHECK the equipment that you wish to remove.

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