Getting Started

Creating a User Profile

When you start Runner’s Studio for the first time, you will initially be prompted enter in your Name, Birth Date, Gender, and Height. You will notice that Name, Birth Date, and Gender are required (circle A).  As you enter in your name, you will notice that Runner’s Studio proposing the the location and file names where your data will be stored (circle B). If you prefer, you can select the “Choose File Location” button to change the location and name of your primary .rst file.

User Info

Note: You cannot specify the name of your GPS database (.sdf) file. Runner's Studio requires that this filename be the same name as your .rst file and be located in the same folder.

Why do you need to enter in your birth date and gender? Don’t worry, this information sticks with you. Runner’s Studio uses your birth date for age calculations and gender is used in certain calorie formulas.  Height is optional and used if you are interested in tracking your body mass index.

Once this information is complete, press the Save button to continue to your home dashboard.

Activity Dashboard

This screen is where it all comes together.  As you enter your activity data, this screen will begin to come alive. You will notice that your dashboard is comprised of a series of “tiles”. Each tile has a story of its own and is communicating something about your running. Not only are the tiles giving you information, but most tiles serve as a navigation mechanism as well. Simply click on a tile of interest to quickly drill down to the details underneath.


Week View Tile

This week view tile (circle C) shows all your activities you have completed for the week as well as any planned workouts coming up.  You can quickly see the total distance and time logged for the current week and the previous week. Navigate quickly through the weeks using the tile’s left and right arrows. For days with multiple activities recorded, click the arrow next to “Multiple Activities” to see the day’s full list.

Upcoming Race Tile

Displays the next race on your schedule with a count down timer (circle D). Click the tile to navigate to your upcoming race schedule.

Photos Tile

Pick a favorite photo or rotate thru photos (circle E). Pictures are always nice don’t you think?!

Activities & Races Tile

The training activity tile (cirlce F) shows you a total count of recorded activities in your log. Click to jump to your activity log. The races tile (circle G) shows you the total count of recorded races. Click to view your complete race history.

Course Highlight Tile

This tile shows you a random course (circle H) from your training log and dipslays statistics related to the course. Select this tile to see a list of all courses and related stats.

Year Summary Tile

Quickly view the total distance and time ran for the current year (circle I). Clicking this tile will take you to your Lifetime stats page.

Monthly Trend Tile

This tile compares the total distance ran in the current month to the same date in the previous month (circle J). Click this tile to navigate to view your overall monthly statistics.

Charts Tile

Navigate to the charting section of Runner’s Studio with one quick click (circle H)

Profile Pic Tile

Once you add your profile picture to your User Profile history, it will appear on this tile (circle K). Select this tile to jump to your profile history.

Best Races Tile

This tile will scan through your racing personal bests (circle L) showing you all your great races! Click to view your entire race history.

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