Automatic GPS Data Import

You can import Garmin files manually or have Runner’s Studio import them automatically at start-up.

Setting up Automatic Import (recommended for GPS data)

Runner’s Studio can monitor a folder for new GPS data files and import them automatically each time you start Runner’s Studio. File types currently supported that can be imported are TCX, GPX, and FIT files.


Before setting up automatic import, you may want to verify that your Windows system is configured to allow you to see hidden files and folders. (By default, the Garmin sync folder is hidden.) For help in doing this, refer to How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 7.

For Garmin ANT devices that sync data wirelessly from your device to your PC, it is recommended to have Runner’s Studio monitor the Garmin ANT Agent sync folder. This is the folder location that Garmin puts the GPS data after it reads information from the ANT device.

  1.  Locate the Garmin ANT sync folder

    To configure automatic import, locate the folder that should be monitored.  For a compatible Garmin ANT device, these sync folders are located at:

    * Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\GARMIN\Devices\<DEVICE-NUMBER>
    * Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8:  C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Devices\<DEVICE-NUMBER>
  2.  In Runner’s Studio, navigate to User -> Preferences screen and select the GPS Data Import tab
  3. Make sure to check “Check for files when Runner’s Studio starts”.
  4. Select “Choose Folder…” and navigate to the Garmin ANT Folder located in Step 1
  5. Press “Save” in the upper right of your screen to save your preferences
Force Re-scan of Automatic Import Folder

Runner’s Studio will only attempt to import files that are newer than the last time data was imported. (This prevents RS from working extra hard trying to import files it has already imported in the past.)  You can see the date and time that data was last imported by navigating to the User -> Preferences screen and selecting the GPS Data Import tab (Circle A).


If the folder has not yet been scanned, all valid GPS data files in the folder will be parsed and available for import. If you would like RS to re-scan this folder the next time it starts, you may reset the last imported data (Circle B) on the above preferences page

Importing Data at Start-up

After you have setup Runner’s Studio configured following the steps above, Runner’s Studio will scan this folder for new GPX, TCX, FIT, and HRM files the next time it starts.  If any of these files are found, the Activity Import window will appear.


On the left side of the screen are the activities that Runner’s Studio found in the GPS files (circle C). You can see the activity date, activity type (training or race), course or race name, categories and any associated equipment.  By default, imported activities will be imported as a Training activity attached to a pre-defined course called “Imported GPS Track”.

To change the attributes of the data that is to be imported, simply select/highlight an activity on the left. On the right side you can quickly change the activity characteristics before importing. For training activities, you can define the course, activity type, activity category, and attach any equipment (previously defined in the system). To change the activity to a race, simply select the Race button at the top left of the screen (circle D) to change it to a race. By default, the race will be imported as a New Race. However, if you can import the GPS data into an existing race by selecting a previously entered race from the Race pick-list.

As you make changes to how the activities will be imported, they will become bold on the left hand side indicating you have made a change. Once you have configured all your activities, simply click the Import button (circle E) at the top of the screen.

To abort the import and import later, simply press the Cancel button.